Live broadcast of the Lunar Eclipse, February 21st 2008

Mira Public Observatory, Grimbergen, Belgium


The end (5h45m UT)

The eclipse is over, and we're tired ;-). Bad luck for us this time: the entire eclipse was clouded out in Belgium.
Fortunately, our colleagues in Argentina had splendid weather. Please have a look at their image-archive of this colorful eclipse.



Update 1h45m UT: Clouds

Nothing but clouds. We had a clear sky till (local) midnight, then clouds came in. After 2 o'clock (1h UT) we saw the moon from time to time, but now we can't see any gaps in the clouds anymore.



Update 0h45m UT:

We had clouds for the last hour, but now the moon is back, all tough there's still a lot of mist and moisture in the air. Enjoy it while it lasts...
Our collegues in Argentina seem to have a perfect sky, have a look over there.


And here's an overview of other reliable webcasts of this eclipse.

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And here's a link to our CloudCamera. You'll notice there's a lot of moisture in the air, so we could get mist and clouds tonight, but hopefully not enough to obscure the eclipse?

Fortunately, conditions are as good as ideal. At the Observatory, the Moon will be high in the sky during the eclipse (43° above the horizon at the beginning of the eclipse). The partial fase starts at 2h42m local time (1h42m when using Universal Time or GMT), and will be over at 6h10m (again: this is 5h10m UT or GMT). The Moon will be totally eclipsed between 3h58m and 4h53m local time (2h58m-3h53m UT).

Maansverduistering van 21 februari 2008

Als het weer meezit zal u ook deze maansverduistering weer eens live kunnen volgen op onze pagina's.
De waarnemingsomstandigheden zijn ditmaal relatief goed: de Maan staat immers doorlopend hoog aan de hemel (tot zelfs 43° boven de horizon omstreeks het begin van de verduistering).

En hier is een overzicht te vinden van actieve webcasts van deze eclips.

Meer informatie vindt U in ons artikel over deze eclips, of meer algemeen over maansverduisteringen.
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